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Our Profile

Counselling and Care Centre (CCC) is a non-governmental, non-profit agency offering psychological counselling services and training for professionals in the mental health and social services. We are a Registered Society, affiliated to the National Council of Social Service and a member organisation of the Community Chest of Singapore.


The Centre was first started as the Churches' Counselling Service in 1966 primarily by the Wesley Methodist Church in collaboration with the St Andrew's Cathedral. The aim was to offer counselling service to the community regardless of their religious faith. In 1975 it became a Registered Society and changed its name to the Counselling and Care Centre to reflect the wider non-Christian constituents it served.

The mission of the Centre is to enhance mental health and promote better marital and family living through counselling, consultancy, training, publications and programmes for effective living.
The objectives of the Centre are:
1. To provide counselling for psychological well being.
2. To offer training in knowledge and skills in counselling.
3. To provide consultancy service for enhancing knowledge and skills in counselling practice.
4. To disseminate information and knowledge related to the above.


The services offered by the Centre include:
1. Counselling to those who are facing emotional, psychological, relationship, and marital problems.
2. Consultancy to agencies wishing to set up counselling services or desiring to improve their delivery of such services.
3. Training to social service professionals and para-counsellors who are involved in helping people.
4. Counselling, consultation and training to non social service and mental health organisations.

The Centre has a team of professionally qualified staff who are supported by an administrative team. A Management Committee comprising of volunteer members of the Centre ensures that the Centre is well managed.

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